Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Wow! After Draco's unfortunate adventure in the nearby forest, I'm glad I decided to keep my wand on me at all times! (Not that I'm often without it, but you know...) I was on my way back from a lovely visit with Azurina, and I stumbled across what was clearly a boggart!

The giant syringe (with the humongous, frightening, sharp needle! ::shudder::) started to roll toward me (think Indiana Jones-style), and I was happy I had my wand whipped out as soon as it started my way! What happened when I shouted the spell? Well, I'll show you as best I can (please bear with me, I don't have photoshop, just Microsoft paint...a poor substitute)....the syringe stopped, stood straight up, and the needle went flying away as copious amounts of butterbeer came gushing out!

And in good time, too...the butterbeer in he Manticore cabin has nearly run out!!!


Draco said...

Manticore cabin you say.... well done, now I have to go see my spoilee and spoiler on a completely unrelated note...

Hermione Bagnold said...

LOL, Draco!