Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!! (Part 3)

So after the moors and the pottery shop, we headed back to Emma's house to meet up with Lizzie (who, sadly, was unable to spend the better part of the day with us, as she had a wedding to attend) and prepare for seeing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in the IMAX theater!

I, naturally, went representing Ravenclaw (seen here sporting the Harry jacket, Hermione Hat, Radish earrings, butterbeer cork necklace, Ravenclaw hip scarf and book in hand):

Lizzie, of course, sported Gryffindor colors (seen here wearing her hat made by Kaae, Gryff hip scarf worn as a tie, radish earrings, butterbeer cork necklace, and Gryff bag made by Queen Frysia):

Emma portrayed Tonks as a Hufflepuff (who I did not get a separate photo of, but is wearing pink tonks hair with her witchy hat, Hufflepuff Pride socks, Hufflepuff wristies, radish earrings, and butterbeer cork necklace):

So Poppy went dressed in Slytherin colors to "complete the set," as she said :) (complete with green top, snake necklace, butterbeer cork necklace, and radish earrings):

And here we are at the theater:

I was surprised when they handed us 3-D glasses! I hadn't known it was going to be 3-D! I was also shocked by how long the 3-D bit was...until I realized that there wasn't going to be anymore for the rest of the whole movie. (All other movies I've seen in IMAX 3-D have had tidbits spread throughout the movie of the special effect...) As to the movie itself...well, I've always nitpicked movies based on books to itty-bitty bits and pieces before appreciating what was actually there, but, as my elder brother stated, "there is so little left from the book in the movie that there is no need to pick out little things that were different or just plain wrong. Instead, get a backhoe and start digging for the remains of the book." I have to agree, he's quite right. I'm sure I'll end up liking it (as I did Order of the Phoenix), but for now, I'm largely unsatisfied with it as a whole. (The storyline, that is...the effects were amazing!) I won't go into detail over that because a) it would take far too long, and b) I know there are still quite a few people out there that haven't seen it, and I don't want to spoil it for them!


Bridget The Bloodthirsty said...

England is so lucky to have this movie in IMAX already! The US won't have it for another week or so. I agree with you that a lot was left out from the book. I enjoyed this one because I try very hard to purposefully keep the books separate from the movies. I didn't read HBP prior to the opening so I wouldn't be distracted by all the differences.

I was happy that between Draco and Snape the Slytherins got a good bit of screen time!

Do you think that if you had never read a Harry Potter book you would have understood the movie? I felt it was a little jumpy from event to event. I feel like if I had never read the book I would have been confused!

Hermione Bagnold said...

I agree! I was glad that I got to see it in 3-D, since I had to wait until 4 days after the release! LOL Still, 4 days is better than 2 weeks! I'll be able to appreciate the movie for itself once I finish tearing it to smitherines, LOL, and re-watch it. I absolutely believe that if I hadn't read the books, I would have been so lost, just like the 5th movie. But there were well-done parts...I just haven't torn it COMPLETELY apart yet. LOL