Thursday, October 28, 2010

Muggle Technology

Eesh. And yet another example of silly Muggle technology giving me issues. Last night I lost my Internet connection and earlier that day (after the world's worst morning) I ran out of minutes on my phone. Mr. Bagnold is working 12-hour shifts, so I don't get to go get minutes on my phone myself and have to wait for him to remember for him to do it on his own. So when my Internet went down (despite all of not only my efforts, but those of Mr. Bagnold!), I felt very isolated and disconnected! I was offline for over 12 hours, but blessedly I did get my connection back. So now I'm blogging before it happens again! (That's what I get for procrastinating, huh?!) It seems to fluctuate with the temperature (which is highly annoying!), and as it gets very cold at night and remains fairly cold or chilly during the day. Blah.

Anyway, because of the lack of vehicular access, the elusive item for Emma's kit sadly remains so. :( We're still waiting on our orders, which is driving me bonkers, and I've been sick lately. (Wow, what a negative post...LOL) I can't wait to be in Germany!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010


Brrrrr! I woke up this morning and had a very hard time making myself get out of bed! When the house you live in doesn't have carpeted floors and the front door doesn't have proper seals on it, it gets quite cold indoors! Even now I'm shivering, though it is not truly that cold. I've just not really been properly warm all day. And on top of that, I think the elder poltergeist brought home some more sicky germs.

I haven't seen an activity posted yet for this week, but seeing as how my week is jam-packed with appointments, I wanted to get my blogging done early on! So much paperwork to get done just to get the one that says "Yes! They are clear to move! Here's the date you are leaving!" Ugh. And they had better be snappy about getting us that single paper after our appointments are done, or else it could mean the poltergeists and I are not only left behind by Mr. Bagnold while he reports for duty at our new base, but also that the three of us would have to go all the way back to the U.S. until it has been pushed through, just to turn around and head back to Germany! Ick! I truly hope it doesn't come to that.

I've been plugging away on Emma's kit, and am very pleased with the progress I've made, for the most part. There was one thing I made that the younger poltergeist got a hold of and broke, and once I re-made it, Mr. Bagnold teased me about it not being perfect...which is very not nice, because now I have to make it a third time! There's no way I can send something second-rate! Item number 2 I've been working on has been a little tricky, color-wise, but I think I've nearly got it now. And the "elusive ____________" still remains so at this point. I'm hoping to find what I need some time this week when we're out and about tending appointments...we will see!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Trying again!

Let's see if I can't stay ahead on this blogging thing! (Well, for now...obviously it'll get a bit more difficult once the move is in full swing...) We're still waiting to hear on when we're supposed to leave Italy, so I actually possibly could make it to the UK for the premiere of Deathly Hallows! (This move has really crummy disrupts the elder poltergeist's school year, it's debatable if I'll get to see Deathly Hallows in a timely manner, I'll most likely miss the postponed craft fair, I am missing a base theater musical production of "Fiddler on the Roof" in which I know 2 of the cast members...) At any rate, today is an American holiday (thank you, Christopher Columbus, for discovering America!), so while the poltergeist doesn't have school and Mr. Bagnold doesn't have work, the entire Italian economy is open to my continued hunt of the things that will help me get over this bit of Emma's kit that's got me stumped! :D I know exactly where to go looking, too...I just hope they're open! (I'm not sure why they wouldn't be, but I've never really gotten a firm grasp on when and why Italian shops close...) I guess I'd better get to it before they shut down for lunch and riposo!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Another week over...

I cannot believe how this past week has just flown by!!! (Hmm, maybe it's because I spent so much time I was so good last week about blogging, and this week, I'm back to the last minute (almost)! Definitely no time for the homework this week (which actually pains me to skip)...things have been busy with the older one going to school. I'm not fond of how it breaks up my day to have to drop him off and pick him up at the bus stop. (And yes, I do have to...if I'm not there, they won't let him off the bus, and if I leave him to get on by himself in the morning, I could get in serious trouble with MoM of the things about living in your non-native country...) I can be in the middle of knitting or beading or cleaning, and the second that my alarm goes off, I have to drop it all to go wait for him at the bus stop. I'm definitely looking forward to next year, though, when I won't feel guilty for laying down after seeing them off in the morning. I feel horrible for laying down when my younger one is so wide awake, but can barely even function.

Tonight Mr. Bagnold is off gallivanting with a friend (well, okay, not really gallivanting...they're playing the Muggle video game Borderlands...and have been at it all day...he likely won't be home until tomorrow!), which is fine with me, but it makes me really miss having Poppy and Meladia so nearby! I keep telling myself "Soon.....soon.....soon...." and we'll only be a couple hours away from Poppy, but we still don't have that blasted paper that tells us exactly when "soon"'s a bit maddening, really...okay, now I'm off to post on the family blog about Emma's kit!