Tuesday, July 21, 2009

ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!! (Part 2)

As I was reading over yesterday's anecdote, I realized that I had forgotten to put a bit in there...before we went to the train station, we had popped by the nearby wool shop (which is what they call...or at least used to call...an LYS), and it turned out to be a good thing we did! I was able to get some lovely gray yarn (acrylic/nylon/wool blend, looks to be about DK weight) that I have plans to make into another Hermione Hat. I can't believe I didn't think to take a photo of the wool shop! But back to where I left off yesterday...

We had quite the experience, visiting the MoM, and even got to meet the Minister of Magic himself, albeit briefly. (He is a very busy man, after all!) Following that, we quickly stopped by the local apothecary (I browsed for potions supplies...) before starting back toward the train station.

On our way back, Emma pointed out to us the weaver's cottages (noticeable by their very high windows, for weavers to have good light on their work), and made something of a game of spotting them. (Notice the white picket fence...LOVE IT!)

We strolled back down Butt Lane (I'm not joking! We walked up and down Butt Lane!) to the station and waited for the Hogwarts Express to tote us back to Hogsmeade.

Once back, the sweet Mr. Wigworthy drove us the scenic route (and I do mean scenic!) to the famed Attica wool shop. The moors in England are truly amazing! I could not get enough of them, and now that I've left England,I miss them dreadfully.

After seeing all that beauty, the settings of every book I've ever read that speak of the moors has suddenly changed for me. While we were waiting for the train, I bought myself a book (The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte), and reading it now, after seeing what Anne pictured in her mind is truly amazing! Now I have to go re-read all those books over again to grasp the fullness of the novels!

There were livestock all over the hills, and I particularly noticed the knitter's friend: the sheep. As I got a closer look, I noticed that the farmers out here must be truly intelligent...they're making pre-dyed wool!

Ok, so it's really just the markings they put on the sheep to tell the herds apart, but I thought my little joke was funny...LOL

Once we got to our desitnation, it turned out that Attica closed mere minutes before we arrived. It was a bit disappointing to be able to peer into the windows and see the yarny goodness that I couldn't touch, but I must be honest; I wouldn't trade one minute of the beautiful moors for it! I can buy yarn other places (and I did! Another reason I wasn't overly distraught), but you can not find a substitute for the moors! Instead, we poked around in the pottery shop next door (in which Emma found a treasure for Lizzie, which would not have happened, were Attica open for business) until our time to leave for the movie....


Emma Wigworthy said...

Great pictures again - you have a real talent for this!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Thanks! I really do enjoy taking pictures! :D Especially of such beautiful places!!!