Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weasley's Wizard Wheezes!

Summer Camp has ended, yet there are a few wayward owls left out and about (Persephone being one of them...she's not made it to Washington yet...), and one of them found it's way to me, here in Italy! It took me a few minutes to recognize the name of the sender, but as soon as I had (since I knew I had been chosen to receive a WWW), I performed a couple of simple spells to make sure there was nothing too bad in there...and it's a good thing I did! There was a fins powder in there that made me think of something Muggles are afraid of, called "anthrax" (though I know a fellow camper would not send that!) turned out that the sweets Salamandra enclosed had gotten a little hole in the bottom and some of it leaked out. :) She said that she tried to use the time turner Lizzie sent her to go back and send it on time, but it didn't quite work as she planned. (Maybe I should offer her some help on how to operate it?...but time turners are extremely rare since all the others getting destroyed at the Ministy all those years ago, so I may be tempted to make off with it! LOL) Along with the sweets inside (which I haven't gotten to try yet, but I'm excited to, since it involves licorice!), there were two pencils with very fun designs that are exactly within my tastes for patterns/designs, and some fun stickers! (I got a huge kick out of the fact that the printed languages on the sticker packets were French and English...and an even bigger kick out of the fact that I could actually read said French!) :D Evidently, the Wheeze was in the potion she had included, but it seems to have "gone bad" and turned into a crystallized it works as bath salts! Yay!!!