Friday, July 24, 2009

Week 5 Game, Part 2!

Here is the marker I will be using in the photos I take (I absolutely love my engagement ring!):

And here are the photos!

#1 - Animagus: (Internet image)

#2 - Daily Prophet (which, here, is cleverly disguised as a Muggle paper):

#3 - Bowtruckle (This is a very special bowtruckle from a Knit Picks tree that I coerced out into the open with some wood lice!):

#4 - Extendable Ears:

#5 - Radish Earrings:

#6 - Forbidden Forest (my marker is in this picture, I promise you...on my left ring finger!):

#7 - Golden Cherub: (Internet image)

#8 - Thestral
(Hey, it only said "fleshless black-winged skeleton! LOL He's holding my ring...):

#9 - High Inquisitor: (Internet image)

#10 - Educational Decree: (Internet image)

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