Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday I spent the better part of my day down at the lake. I went on a bit of a hike and took along with me some yarn that was horribly tangled. I've been trying to untangle it since shortly after my trip to Edinburgh (which I still haven't finished posting about...::sigh::)!!! Unfortunately, spells weren't helping untangle it at all. In fact, I think they may have made it worse! So I had to "do it the Muggle way." Anyway, since I finally had a few moments to myself, I was able to (finally!) get it completely untangled, and as I was casting on for my socks (using the lovely pattern I got in my kit last term), something in the water caught my eye...I wasn't at first sure what I had seen. I doubted it last time I saw it, too, so I had brought a couple of textbooks along with me to double-check and be 100% sure I saw what I thought I did. After a few hours, though, I got a sunburn and the trust of the creature. It was none other than...a hippocampus!!! She was a beautiful deep blue, and her name was Azurina. She offered me a ride, so after casting the bubble-headed charm on myself (as I know that hippocampi forget that their passengers don't always breathe water instead of air), in the lake I went! It was amazing! And that lake is certainly deeper than it looks!!!

As to my knitting...I didn't get more than a half a row past the cast on. I was trying to use my new knit picks aluminum needles, and they are very different than the bamboo I've been using lately...I may just cave and go bamboo needles for the socks...we shall see.

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Bridget The Bloodthirsty said...

Lucky you - spotting a hippocampus so soon into camp!

Bamboo needles are my favorite for knitting. I like how they hold onto the stitches a little bit. I'm not a speed knitter, so metal is a bit slippery for me.

Good luck with the socks!