Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yarny Goodness!

So a few weeks back, I signed up for Olive's sock club...and am I ever glad I did!!!! The package came in the mail on Friday! The theme is Pear & Pomegranate, and I love it!!! I'm not generally a tea drinker, and nearly always prefer iced tea to hot, (though the tea I drank while in England was pretty amazing!), so she sent a pear and pomegranate tea (with a little note on brewing it to ice!) and a tea infuser spoon (very nice, as I previously had nothing for straining tea...all the tea I have is in bags!)...I think I'll be trying my new new tea tonight after I get home from Venice! There are also some incredibly cute note cards and gorgeous sock yarn dyed in reds and greens(which was all nicely wrapped with a cute little "B" sticker, but I couldn't wait to open it and didn't get a picture of it until post-opening), along with the cutest stitch markers! And I love, love, love, love, love the bag! It's uber-cute!

(And it seems my computer is having issues, so I'll have to post pictures later...)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Road Trip!

I'm so glad I'm one of the people that can sleep in a moving vehicle...when the Knight Bus comes, i think I'm going to just pass out on it for the whole ride back home. Mr. Bagnold took a trip with a friend to Germany this weekend for a gamer convention, and so I'm not only alone with the poltergeists, but without a car. (They drove there.) And the little ones are none to happy that Daddy is gone. I didn't even realize it was already Saturday! I can't believe I've fallen behind like this! And I'm so exhausted, too. I feel like I've been such a bad counselor! To my Erumpents, I apologize profusely! And to my spoilee, I apologize even more! I'm having some bag issues. But I need to go tend to my counselor duties before I fall asleep and the week is over! Anyone have any invigorating potion?...this Muggle caffiene just isn't cutting it.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Follow the Patronus

::you find on the ground an object that looks a bit out of bend to pick it up and are whooshed away::

Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! Who knew that wrapping up camp would take so much effort? Kits are being packed up, owls are being set loose all over, last minute reminders have been all over the place, mis-placed items finding their way back to the appropriate's been mayhem!

Last week I was stung not once, but twice! I'd never been stung before in my life, but we had some wasps that, unbeknown to me, took up residence in our mailbox. I got stung last Friday when I tried to empty said mailbox and then again Saturday when I opened the gate (guess I rattled it too much)! Mr. Bagnold has since exterminated them, and a good thing, too! That Muggle "remedy," Benadryl, makes me a bit loopy! So no more stings this week, thankfully, but just today, the stings I got last week started itching terribly, for no rhyme or reason. Couldn't find my cortisone cream, so I had to settle for calamine lotion. It seems to be wearing off. :(

I want to try and make a little trip to Venice tomorrow, but we'll see whether or not that happens...and I have game 7 to put on! Whew! Guess I'd better get to it (after making the blog rounds and hitting the showers)! Be sure to get all your WWW's and everything back in your trunks before the Knight Bus shows up in a couple weeks!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Picture fun!

Muggles may not have moving photos, but they sure have technology! We bought a Muggle printer (it's this device you connect to a computer and it will eat a piece of blank paper and poop out a paper with pictures and words on it!) that has something called a "scanner" on it. You lift the lid, set something on the glass, close the lid, push a button, and voila! Whatever you put on that glass goes into your computer! Anyway, I found a Muggle photo from when I was a wee little witch (I'm guessing some time around the mid-1980's...I look about 2 or 3 years old and was born in 1983) with my cousin, and wanted to share it (because it's so darned cute!):

Can you guess (without looking it up on the Muggle site Facebook) which one is me?! Share your own summer photo in your blog!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Great Green Globs....

Ahh, potions. Not one of my favorite classes at Hogwarts, but certainly vital! Here are the potions that I'm guessing Winnie brought with her:

1. Draught of Peace
2. Mandrake Restorative Draught
3. Babbling Beverage
4. Essence of Murtlap

I'm not quite sure how we're supposed to guess 7 potions with only 4 clues...but there's my guesses for what was put out there, and here are three random ones (and why I think she would have them!):

5. Invigoration Draught (for the long camp hikes!)
6. Sleekeazy's Hair Potion (because, let's face it, there aren't the greatest resources out here in the middle of nowhere for a girl to primp, and Sleekeazy's helps!)
7. Hiccuping Solution (for playing practical jokes, naturally!)

Edit: Okay, so those were my original other three guesses, but now I want to change them (if it's not too late, which I feel it probably is), since Miss Wartbobble actually had a list of potions on a previous blog posting!

5. Forgetfulness Potion (I must have been slipped a little of this...)
6. Shrinking Solution
7. Wit-Sharpening Potion