Monday, October 13, 2008

Scavenger Hunt (Part 1)

I was really trying to hold out until I got all the pictures, or at least the two in my mind, but I think I should just post what I have, since it's already late as it is....So without further ado, my photos!

First is my engagement ring (it's sitting atop the tower of Pisa)

Secondly is a broom, a common household item of any witch or wizard

Then comes the horcrux; I was surprised to find an object of such dark magic in my house! I suspect that my husband (who is a Slytherin through and through) had something to do with it's appearance...

Next, we have a bottle of Felix Felicis, my lucky potion, that I finally finished brewing recently

I found a certain Muggle artifact that Mr. Weasley would love to's a plug converter! The appliances in my Muggle home are from America, so they're not compatible with Italian plugs. We have some actual energy converters for the larger Muggle appliances (like the television), but for the things like the laptop computer that have an AC adapter, we can simply use this plug that can change the number and shape of prongs that go into the wall

The next object I found in my travels is a tree changing seasons; this one happens to be in my Muggle neighbor's yard...I get to see this beauty every day...(the tree is now orange!)

I was fortunate enough to find a used textbook from a Muggle class I had taken a few years back

Oh, and I snapped a picture of the butterbeer that I was sent by owl from Ophelia Croockshanks while I was laid up at home. It was so sweet of her to think of me, since I missed the first Hogsmeade weekend and all! Thanks, Ophelia! It was tasty! :)

I found this fanged frisbee abandoned in one of the classrooms at Hogwarts, and it was only after I took it as my own that I found out they were banned in the school halls! So I brought it home. :)

And I can't believe I found this Boggart in my Muggle house! This magical creature turned into the Muggle version of a ghost when the Muggle children I was watching stumbled across it. Luckily, I was able to rid the house of it without anyone (even the MoM!) noticing...

And lastly, I found this raven's feather. Don't be fooled by it's color! It was a feather left over from an upper-year's Transfiguration class. I'm guessing that either the student couldn't turn it back to it's rightful color, or it somehow shed this feather before being turned back to black.

Unfortunately, that's all I have right now. Naturally, I'll be posting the other items as I get them, because even though it's late, I still have to complete the entire assignment! It would go against my nature to not! So keep your eyes peeled for the rest!

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