Thursday, October 9, 2008

My down time...

Oh, how I long for the halls of Hogwarts! I’m getting a bit stir-crazy being cooped up in my Muggle residence while waiting for the all clear for me to resume classes. I guess it’s a good thing that I’m out of the future duels, since I doubt I’d be able to have access to the pattern the moment of its release.

It really is almost disturbing to find out just how much time I spend in my transfiguration studies. I’ve been babysitting some Muggle kids that have been demanding every second of my attention, and I still have been getting bored! I have some good ideas on promoting elf awareness once I return to Hogwarts, though! I think I’ll try to put together a day where S.P.E.W. members remove all furniture from the assigned dorm, clean it thoroughly and then replace the furniture. I’ve been doing similar projects on a smaller scale, and they’ve been oddly satisfying.

And even though I’ve been MIA at school, I’ve been pushing hard to keep up with my studies! I’ve made excellent progress on Draco’s package, and I am getting more and more excited as each piece of it falls into place! I have also been hard at work in the intra-house scavenger hunt! I felt very bad for all but abandoning Rowena and Arianna with my St. Mungo’s trip. I contacted Olive, though, so hopefully I’ll get a little bit more time to get my pictures in. My Muggle Internet has not been working, so I didn’t even have access to the list of what I needed to take photographs of! I got the list last night, though. One of my Muggle companions let me use her Internet. I will post the pictures as soon as I can, I promise! Here’s to hoping the Soaring Eagles (I think that was what we had settled on for a name, though I’m not entirely certain) gets a bunch of points!!!

I was also very excited to find I had a couple of e-owls I had been looking for waiting in my inbox when I used the Internet last night. I got permission from the designers of the patterns that were used in the first round of the hat bracket of the duels to sell some with all of the proceeds going to fund cancer research! But I’d better get back to these Muggle children…they really are time consuming…

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