Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Marker

So it's late, but I'm at last getting my scavenger hunt pictures up...I was afraid that my stay in St. Mungo's followed by the doctor ordered bed rest at my Muggle home would mean that I had let my roomies down, but alas, Rowena and Arianna didn't even post any of the pictures! I sure am glad I didn't pull a classic me and stay up all night searching for all the desired objects....but at least one Soaring Eagle has to post! So to begin, here is my marker:

I figured it was appropriate, seeing as how my Muggle residence is currently in Italy...

Oh yeah, I suppose I should take this time to share photos of the offending packages that landed me in St. Mungo's...
The first package was from fellow Ravenclaw Fiera Firenze. :) She was helping me to get my hands on some things for Draco's kit that I couldn't get shipped to my address, so I'm not posting any pictures of the full package, but here's what she stuck in there for me! :D I got very excited when I saw these pins! They still make me smile every time I look at them. :) They're decorating my crafting bag.
This one was from Minee. A prize for winning the quote pop quiz. I love the little sewn bag, can't wait to use the yarn, and this brings my collection of stitch markers to two whole sets! :D

This one was from my Muggle sister. There's nothing really special about the yarn or anything, it's just your plain old, soft Caron yarn, but this many packages in one day with yarn in them? Too cool! ;) She sent it to me to make her a poncho, along with a copy of her wedding invitation (she got married on Sept. 19th) and a little activity book for my boys.

And lastly...

...the package that sent me to St. Mungo's. My beautiful hat from Elladora and some sock yarn in Ravenclaw colors. I'm so excited to get to make myself my first ever pair of house socks!!!

That many owls setting upon any person at once is enough to do some serious damage without even the duel hat being a part of the deliveries! But I have one more picture to get before I post my scavenger hunt results....::scampers away clutching her camera::

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