Monday, September 22, 2008

Picture Day!

What a weekend at Hogwarts! Unfortunately, I overslept this morning due to overexerting myself with lessons and checking in on Professor Whitmarsh. ::sigh:: Er, I mean, uh, he's okay now. When Wisteria came hobbling into the common room the other day with a broken foot, all of us Ravenclaws were concerned and dropped what we were doing to help her out. It wasn't until I was helping her to Madame Pomfrey for something to ease the pain that Emma Wigworthy inquired as to how active she was getting with our newest addition to the staff that I even thought to check in on him. He seemed a bit fazed and a little incoherent, but better after he took a short nap. I asked him what happened and...well...I just can't repeat it. It wouldn't be right. (Have I mentioned at all that I embarrass and blush very easily?) So unless you're satisfied with knowing that a form of ::ahem:: acrobatics, non-verbal spells and wands were used, you'd better either ask Miss Wisteria or the prof yourself!!! ::blushing at the remembrance of the information divulged::

What with the excitement of the weekend and the first duel, I missed this year's picture taking! So I'm going to hand over a picture from about a year or two ago...I hope it'll suffice!

In other (much more depressing) news...the first duel in the dueling club was yesterday. That's not the depressing part. I was teamed up with a very capable first year from Hufflepuff (also, not the depressing part) and got the hat done in 2 hours! (Nope, still not it.) I set it up to go out with the owl post as soon as it was available, since all the owls were currently out, and when I woke up (here it comes) my package was still where I left it sitting!!! I'd left it somewhere it was bound to be seen, and I can't figure out why it didn't go out! It stinks for me, because all the owls are presently sleeping, and I have no way to get up the owlery anyway today. Too busy with classes and schoolwork and S.P.E.W.! I hope I don't die as a result of a particular owl's incompetence!!! But here's what it looks like:

Elladora saw it and loves it! :) Yay! But now that I have a couple of minutes (unfortunately not enough time to run to the owlery and make it to my next class on time), I'm going to sit here and mope about the possibility of dying in my duel!

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