Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Ready...

It's almost time for another round of HSKS!!! HOORAY!!! I'm so excited! The portkey appeared today, and I'm all signed up and ready to go! It looks like we've got some old faces back that we've not seen around for a while (studying abroad, maybe?) as well as some fun new people! :D Sadly, though, we won't be returning to Hogwarts. I do miss Ravenclaw Tower! But it's okay, because being a part of a family and doing some Horcrux hunting sounds like fun, too! :D

The older poltergeist started school today, and we're preparing for the Ministry of Magic to transfer Mr. Bagnold to Germany, so not only will I be Horcrux hunting, but we'll be magically moving the Bagnold Manor, as well! So much going on! Here's to another successful round of Potter swapping! :D ::raises butterbeer::

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