Monday, September 27, 2010

Jump Start!

Whew! I don't want to leave this week's blogging until the last minute, like I have been prone to do lately, and watching our schedules fill up as fast as they's better to do this now while I have a spare moment!!!

Emma's kit is coming along beautifully, and thanks to some inter-family brainstorming (Thanks, Perenelle!!!), I think my kit will meet the well-rounded expectations I had from the start! Now if only I could find the time to do it all....LOL

My bestest-best friend in the whole wide world is getting married!!!!!!!!!! ::SQUEEEEEEEEEEE:: She got engaged about a week ago, and since then, my brain has been swimming with wedding thoughts. I reallyreallyreally wish I was closer to her, geographically, so that I could truly perform my Maid (Matron?) of Honor duties! Instead, I'm watching from afar (very far!), and coordinating and gifting what I can through the Muggle Internet. It has come in quite handy! I did tell her she had to have something handmade from me for her big day, and that she could choose what it is (she's not really a shawl person, lol, though I may end up making her one of Emma's designs; To Have and To Hold). She decided she wanted me to make her some earrings and maybe a matching necklace. And here's what I came up with for her earrings! (This picture was deliberately taken with direct afternoon/evening sunlight, to show that the darker beads are not black, as they can appear, but rather red...):

I haven't started on the necklace yet, as I need to go get more beads, but I have started matching (though simpler) earrings for the bridesmaids! (Hence why I ran out of beads...LOL)

I've got 1 and a half pairs of those done, and once I get what I need (hopefully tomorrow!), I'll be able to finish the other 1 and a half bridesmaids earrings and my earrings (which will pretty much be the same as the other bridesmaid's, but with an extra strand of the smaller beads on each earring, just to make it a teensy bit different). Once those are done (and I'm absolutely out of rubber backs for hook earrings! YIKES!), I'll be able to move on to her necklace. I'm also thinking of simple pendants for the bridesmaids and maybe bracelets, too...if the craft store has enough of what I need! LOL Here's to hoping! Now I need to go work on some of my household spells, as they seem to be sticking less and less often (I must need more practice!), now that the poltergeists are in bed!


Morgianna Defeufaucon said...

Wow! You have some mad beading skills lady! Those will be gorgeous!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Thanks! :D I've been really into beading lately...I've been binging on it and neglecting my yarn crafts as a result, sadly. lol