Friday, June 11, 2010

Faulty wand....

I just can't figure it out....Alohomora has always worked before...and yet, today, after the poltergeists got a hold of my keys, no amount of spell-casting has made any difference! Ack! I'm beginning to think that this is more involved in the Dark Arts than just a couple of poltergeists, because Accio isn't working, either...Things have been stressful around the Bagnold manor as of late, anyhow. Mr Bagnold will be returning "soon." (For those of you not adept in Ancient Runes, "soon" translates into too soon to do anything majorly productive like lose a desired amount of weight or re-organize the house, but too far away to do me any use of comfort today...)

This term is nearly over, which always bums me out. I love seeing everyone's kits and hearing their brags, but it means we'll soon all be boarding the Hogwarts Express and leaving these hallowed halls once more. On the plus side, I've already been contacted by the Camp Director over at HSKS Summer Camp to be heavily involved in camp activities! I am quite excited about the prospect of going back to the summer camp and seeing Azurina, the hippocampus friend I made last summer. :) Life is constantly and simultaneously filled with ups and downs, it seems.

You know, I think I may have a little bit of good old Felix Felicis stashed away somewhere...maybe if I drink a drop or two, I may find those dratted keys...::wanders off in search of her potions::

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