Monday, June 21, 2010

Charming Hermione

Lately, I've been holed up in the manor with the poltergeists. Normally, that sort of thing is dictated by weather or health (we generally stay indoors if it's raining, as there's really no place on base for the boys to play indoors, and if any of the three of us are feeling under the weather, I just don't even try. lol) But today I managed to venture forth and get some things done, one of which included stopping by the owlery...and I'm so glad that I did! I got the handmade portion of my kit! And I love, love, love it!!!!!!!!!!!! It seems as though Rowan tossed in a pair of spectrespecs for me, very appropriate for a character that needed help with the open mind aspect. :) (I can't say I'm not unlike Miss Granger in that aspect...)

How do you think they look on me? :D

And the other part of the handmade item? It's the best thing EVAR!!!! I looooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!! In all the years of getting jewelry, I've never before had a charm bracelet. (And I've been heavily hinting to my husband that I've wanted one for some time...) Rowan is clearly accomplished in Occlumency! I put it on right away and was sad that I couldn't get a decent picture while wearing it, because that meant I had to take it back of. I may not be too adept at Divination, but I don't see myself removing it much, if at all. :)

The charms (from left to right) are: a spider (for Aragog...I don't generally like spiders, but I love htat it's on the bracelet!), a crown (for Ron, as "Weasley is our King"), a cat (for Crookshanks, of course!), an owl (for Hedwig, and by proxy, Harry), an eagle (for Ravenclaw!) and a Pegasus (for Care of Magical Creatures, since a Hippogryph for Buckbeak evaded her searches). I am so in love with this bracelet!!! THANK YOU, Rowan!!!!


Lizzie Wychwood said...

Oh, that charm bracelet is perfect! I want one now!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Isn't it?! I ADORE it!!!!

Fleur Sweeting said...

You know? I really love the earrings you're wearing in the modelling of the spectrespecs. ;)

Hermione Bagnold said...

LOL LOL LOL Thank you! :) I'm quite fond of them myself. :)