Monday, October 26, 2009

Dark Magic?....or Mischief?...

I don't know why....but I cannot access Ravelry! I'm about to go out of my mind! I've not been able to check the forums since I last posted a reply in the Portree Locker Room about the moebius! I had to take the poltergeists out of the house so that Mr. Bagnold could study for a teast, so we went and did laundry and ate dinner out and all that...I come home...and Ravelry won't work!!!!!! I can access every other page in the World Wide Web, but not that one! I'm actually going through withdrawals...I've been trying for over the past hour to log on! I may seriously cry...( that what they call an addiction?...) Anyway, I can't decide if it's the work of dark wizards or if someone on another team just has a really good handle on the confundus charm...It's only my computer (Poppy can log on just fine!), and it's only that one site!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

In other news (that is a lot happier), my Knit Picks order came in, so now I have the _____ to make the _______ for Ginny's kit, as well as the _____ . Oh! And the yarn that I ordered for the shuntbumping is finally here! LOL The buttons came in today as well. And Pren, so did my first ever shrinky dinks! I'm super excited to try them out! (Now I just have to wait for my printer's ink to get here to play with it...) Ah, well, I'm off to ____ the _____ for the _____ that I've been itching to cast on....I'm hoping this Ravelry issue resolves itself...and soon!

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