Saturday, November 7, 2009

Oh my, oh my!

Oh, I am so very tired! So much to do in so little time! My spoilee's kit is pretty much done; just waiting on the yarn to get here...and soon I'll be up to my magical ears in preparing for an overseas trip with two little munchkins...the vast (and blessed) difference this time from the Edinburgh trip is that I will not be the only adult! Mr. Bagnold is coming along as well! Side-along apparition with ones as small as that is strongly ill-advised, the MoM doesn't issue portkeys for everyone's leisure trips, the poltergeists can't exactly ride brooms that distance, and magic carpets aren't we'll be traveling the good old-fashioned way of Muggle airplanes. I am very excited to get to spend the American holiday of Thanksgiving in the U.S. this year and to see friends and family we've not seen in 2 years! So this coming week is going to be very full for me, preparing to leave...packing, cleaning, arranging schedules for our time's definitely a good thing I was so excited about putting my spoilee's kit together!!! Unfortunately, though, I do believe that as a result of the trip, I won't be making the early send dates. :( But it's for a very good reason, so I can comfort myself with that! :D

Oh! And the next round of shuntbumping was today! It was the final for crochet (I was up against Andromeda, a worthy opponent!), and the second to last round for the knitters. I am proud to say that I won! I am, as Olive dubbed me, the "fastest hooker in HSKS9"!...Er, hang on a second...

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