Tuesday, June 16, 2009


W-1: Emma Gorodok (she is the closest to me, but actually is 731 miles away...from Sacile, Italy to Dortmund Germany...LOL)
W-2: Fiera Firenze (Ravenclaw not in Erumpent Cabin)
W-3: Bevin Rae Mooney (patronus is otter)
W-4: Pandora Phelps (has been in HSKS before)
W-5: Penelope of Flitwick (spins yarn)

I-1: Prendolyn the Weird (played Quidditch)
I-2: Draco Firewalker (has 3 siblings)
I-3: Olive Bumblebirch (has been to Hohenschwangau caslte)
I-4: Winnie Wartbobble (birthday in October)
I-5: Antonio dela Weasley (Hufflepuff not in Erumpent Cabin)

N-1: Lizzie Wychwood (a treat I tried in Edinburgh...currant and licorice something...don't remember what it's called)
N-2: Gryphon the Great (new to HSKS)
N-3: Rowan Dragonsinger (owns hats and wands!)
N-4: Ambyr Phoenixfyre (piano, flute, handbells, glockespiel)
N-5: Emma Wigworthy (has been on a train to Edinburgh)

G-1: Honoria Beckett (Slytherin and not Erumpent Cabin)
G-2: Lily May Clearwater (547 items queued)
G-3: Patonga Pinkstone (makes stitch markers)
G-4: Queitus Snape (brought pet, Snakie, to camp)
G-5: Fleur Sweeting (speaks Spanish and some German)

O-1: Megaera Black (Canada)
O-2: Emma Scamander (dyes own yarn)
O-3: Intarsia Bindoff (collection of seashells)
O-4: Celestina Pettigrew (Gryffindor not in Erumpent Cabin)
O-5: Cassandra Crimsonchin (worked at a summer camp)


salgrin said...

Oh, I wish my patronus was an otter to help with W3! But I'm having trouble producing it, so it's hard to know what exactly it is!

Hermione Bagnold said...

Well, there are a few quiz options I posted in the Cornish Pixies thread, if you need a hand in figuring it out...

Bridget The Bloodthirsty said...

You are such an overachiever! Typical Ravenclaw. :)

Hermione Bagnold said...

LOL Yeah, I try... ;)