Tuesday, June 16, 2009

And WINGO! was his name-o

So here I'm going to post all the things I'm eligible to be used for in the WINGO! game...but remember, you can only use me for ONE spot!

I-1: I've played cyber-Quidditch...I'm not sure if that counts or not...lol
N-1: There are actually a lot of sweets I like...LOL But I really like licorice flavored things!
O-1: I am from the U.S.

W-2: I am a proud 'Claw! :D
I-2: I have 1 (older) brother and 2 (both younger) sisters
G-2: I have an impossible 439 queued items! :O

W-3: My partronus is an otter
I-3: I've been to two castles...Edinburgh Castle this last March (with great company!) and the Salzburg Castle (also known as Hohensalzburg Fortress) last November
G-3: I have only just begun, but I do enjoy making stitch markers!
O-3: I have a collection of Tiggers and a half-collection (as in started collecting, but then stopped) cats (as in stuffed cats, as I'm allergic to the real thing...LOL)

W-4: I have been in 2 previous HSKS swaps
I-4: I was born in October
N-4: I played the flute for 5 and a half years in school, but haven't touched it in a while. I'm sure I could squeak out a few scales, though!

N-5: I have been on a train back and forth between my house and Venice
G-5: I took 2 and a half years of French, most of which has since fallen to the wayside, but I may be able to say a few phrases

Happy info hunting on your fellow campers!


Severus said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you I've been going though everyones blogs in hope of finding a mention of brothers and sisters! that was the only square I had left to fill to get Wingo. What a smart ravenclaw you are!


Hermione Bagnold said...

LOL Well, I figured that would make the search for others easier! :)