Saturday, May 15, 2010

Close Shave!

Whew! I think this is the closest I've been to the blogging deadline so far this term! Wowzer! I've been super busy with the poltergeists (who have been acting up from being cooped up in the house the past couple of weeks), and trying to deal with Mr. Bagnold taking over a higher position where he is deployed (so I rarely hear from him) and friends moving away right and left. But at least I've been able to keep crafting! Unfortunately, I lost the final round of the crochet duel to Rowan Dragonsinger, but ended up with a beautiful preemie blanket to donate.

I've also gotten around to finishing a set of 100% organic cotton washcloths for a friend that is expecting in November. (I am so excited about that!!!) I'm really loving all the new cotton colors Knit Picks has come out with!

And lastly, I'd noticed that Siobahn came up with a new baby/preemie hat pattern! I love trying out her new patterns! (As the copious amounts of Rib-Wrapped hats I've made can attest to...LOL) This one is called "Love in 15," and it's definitely unlike any other baby hats if made in the technique used. :) I think they turned out pretty decently... ;)

Now I'm off to work some more on my HoH and Quidditch ref duties (before I forget)!


Allitrya Spelling said...

The projects look gorgeous! Great job. =)

Hermione Bagnold said...

Thanks! :)