Thursday, April 15, 2010


Wow! There are so many posts lately that are photo heavy (between the homework assignments and the conjuring study session), and the next few will be no exception!

(On a side note, the lovely Clara Clovenhoof, Slytherin HoH, waited for me to return from my vacation to duel together...and I won!)

So to begin the tales of my latest adventures...the drive to Vinci was long! I was following someone else, so as to not get lost, and it was a little stressful! Between the weekend traffic, the crazy Italian drivers (they drive very fast!), and when we entered the Tuscan region, the curvy roads! I wished I could have been a passenger instead of a driver so that I could have enjoyed the view and taken pictures along the way. That's okay. Maybe next time. ;) (Because I am definitely going back!) It's too bad it was a Muggle resort, otherwise I'd have Apparated there instead! So the whole first day was consumed with the drive and then getting checked in and settled into our apartment (that's right....not hotel room....a villa apartment! Complete with a full kitchen and everything!). That evening we had a local chef come in and cook us a Tuscan meal. (I got a couple of pics of the tasty food, but after the first couple, I was too busy taking care of the boys and eating to continue!!!) Now for the pics:

The view from our kitchen window

The view from the villa's courtyard (I LOVE hillside vineyards!)

The poltergeists splashing their feet in the pool

The appetizer platter

A cheese crepe-ish dish (VERY delish!)

The view from standing outside the front door to our apartment

A Tuscan sunset (I'm thinking this is great inspiration for a dyeing expidition!)


Gryphon the Great said...

Wow, the pictures are amazing!

Hermione Bagnold said...

And my pictures don't even do it justice! (Not to mention that's only the beginning...LOL)