Friday, August 14, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! Who knew that wrapping up camp would take so much effort? Kits are being packed up, owls are being set loose all over, last minute reminders have been all over the place, mis-placed items finding their way back to the appropriate's been mayhem!

Last week I was stung not once, but twice! I'd never been stung before in my life, but we had some wasps that, unbeknown to me, took up residence in our mailbox. I got stung last Friday when I tried to empty said mailbox and then again Saturday when I opened the gate (guess I rattled it too much)! Mr. Bagnold has since exterminated them, and a good thing, too! That Muggle "remedy," Benadryl, makes me a bit loopy! So no more stings this week, thankfully, but just today, the stings I got last week started itching terribly, for no rhyme or reason. Couldn't find my cortisone cream, so I had to settle for calamine lotion. It seems to be wearing off. :(

I want to try and make a little trip to Venice tomorrow, but we'll see whether or not that happens...and I have game 7 to put on! Whew! Guess I'd better get to it (after making the blog rounds and hitting the showers)! Be sure to get all your WWW's and everything back in your trunks before the Knight Bus shows up in a couple weeks!


Bridget The Bloodthirsty said...

I hope your wasp stings are feeling better now. Are you allergic to them? Have fun in Venice, if you get to go!

Hermione Bagnold said...

I have no idea if I'm allergic or not, but it wouldn't surprise me, given all my allergies to everything else! Didn't end up getting to go to Venice today, sadly, as it's an Italian holiday (nearly everything closes on holidays here, which there are too many to count in the month of August), so I'll be trying to go in a couple of weeks. (Mr. Bagnold is going to Germany next weekend, so I have to wait until the following one.)