Sunday, March 22, 2009

So tired...

So I just organized a lot of pictures. Over 500 of them, actually. (And no, they're not all from the trip...I had about 200 on my camera that I forgot to clear off before we came...) And now I'm absolutely exhausted. My poltergiests are sleeping soundly (which means I've been working in the dark for the past nearly 2 hours) and my eyes are tired from looking at the monitor...soooo...I'm sorry, but I won't be posting massive amounts of pictures tonight. I need to get some rest to keep up with them at the zoo and train station tomorrow! (And if I can squeeze it in, Greyfriar's Bobby...we were over at the Elephant House the other day, but forgot to swing by, and I know if I don't see it while I'm here, I'll regret it!) However, I will give you all a little taste/teaser. ;)

A very talented young man playing the bagpipes:

The beautiful Edinburgh Castle!:

Descending into the Snake Pit!:

The lovely yarn shop!:

The infamous location where Jo penned the first of her brilliant works!!!:

The lot of us out to dinner:


Lizzie Wychwood said...

Fabulous, and the quality of pictures is so much better than from my Blacberry! Missing you already!

Emma Wigworthy said...

That young lad played the pipes so well! I had a great time with you Hermione - thank you for everything you did to make it so special. My love to you and the boys!!

YogaKnot said...

oooo what fun teaser pics! I hope you are having a wonderful time!