Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Owl Attack!

Something happened yesterday that reminded me of when I lost my duel last term to Elladora. I was bombarded by owls and almost had an anxiety attack at the memory trigger! First I got a lovely package from Minerva Wood! She had made me the lovliest pair of socks a while back, and I wore them so much I wore holes in them! I was sooooooo upset! Well, she made me a new pair! :D They're asolutely gorgeous!

Thank you so much, Minerva! I love them!!!

The next package was a book I'd ordered, that I'd forgotten I'd ordered, but have been wanting to read for quite some time now. So when I opened it, I got a huge smile on my face and quite a bit excited that I have some new reading material! :)

And I got a new pattern book, too, in a third package! :D My mother-in-law had asked me if I could make my nieces sock monkeys. I looked and looked and looked all over, but couldn't find a free pattern I liked, so I caved and bought one. :)

I'm really looking forward to buying the yarn I need and making them once the term is over! :)

The fourth package I got was from my mom, and it was actually full of goodies for my Christmas deocration stash and some yummy candy canes. :) (I hadn't gotten to eat any for Christmas because my older poltergiest got into them and ate them all.) And now it's time for me to go to bed so I can work on ymy homework and spoilee's package tomorrow!


Megaera Black said...

Ooo cute socks! You are a lucky witch. I loved The Friday Knitting Club, a warning tissue is required for some of the book I won't ruin when. The sequel Knit Two was pretty entertaining as well. How adorable sock monkeys! Oh crocheted socks monkeys, that book rocks I might have to get that one for myself too! For now I'll hold out though my queue is horribly long.

YogaKnot said...

haha I'm glad you like them! I'm just sorry it took so long for me to finish them lol. sock monkey's are so cool. I wish I could crochet so I could make one. :)

Hermione Bagnold said...

There are actually more knit patterns out there for sock monkeys than crochet...

Pandora said...

Friday Night Knitting Club was good! I ILL-ed the sequel but haven't been able to get it because at every library it has been checked out! It must be a hit!

Violet Starfire said...

Hey, thanks for the comment! I liked that pic too of Godric's Hollow. I wish I could go and see the movies now! Grrr I don't know if I can wait!
You are gonna just LOVE the Knitting Club book! The Best! I've never seen a crocheted sock monkey, can't wait to see yours!
Thanks for the help again, I'm still ballin' um up! lol