Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Nomination for Best Kit!!!

Can I just say "WOW"?! Last term, I saw Eugene's kit from Lizzie Wychwood, and instantly wanted to be spoiled by her...Lucky me, I got that wish granted this term! And again, I say: "WOW"!!!! The thought and care she puts into the package just blows me away! I'm sure I didn't show all the enthusiasm I really felt, given that I opened it all after the fiasco that was my flight in from Venice, but I assure, you Lizzie, it completely made my day and all the hassle of flying with my boys completely worth it!!! My nomination for best kit absolutely goes to my fantastic spoiler!

The Bag (Brea Bag), which I have had queued on Rav since nearly the time I became a member...

The beautiful bronze-y inside!:

Sock pattern, bag pattern, and stitch marker instructions:

Sock yarn (HBP Harry colorway), YUMMY yarn for the bag, and leftovers from the Brea Bag so I can make a matching wallet (which wasn't really part of the kit, but it goes with it...lol):

The HBP Harry colorway:

The gorgeous yarn for the bag:

The bag pattern, yarn, and bluetiful (hahaha) material for lining:

Yummy Muggle Sweets!:

The most gorgeous sock blockers EVER!!!!! (And my very first sock blockers):

Close-up of the eagle painted on the sock blockers:

Knit Picks size 2.5 mm dpns, knitting gauge (also my first!), and needle point protectors (again, a first!):

Mini-sock keychain that matches my Brea Bag:
Stitch marker instructions and supplies (which I am very excited about because I've wanted to learn how to make stitch markers for a while now!), and though it's not pictured (security in Gatwick wouldn't let me board the plane with it) there was also a 3-in-1 tool for making stitchmarkers:
Close-up of what my first self-made stitch markers will be made of:
The whole kit!!!:
So many "firsts" that have filled out knitting tools that I didn't before have...so much blue, which is the bestest color ever, and a bag that I fell in love with on sight! And to top it all off, I got it when I was the most stressed and frustrated, and I couldn't think of a better pick-me-up! Like I said: "WOW"!!!!! Thank you so very much, Lizzie!!! I love every part of it!!!


Fiera Firenze said...

What an awesome kit!! Lizzie steals the show again! :) Great job, and lucky you!

SapphireGypsy said...

An awesome kit!

Pren said...

holy hell! amazing package! loooooooooove the sock blockers! did she make those? if so she totally needs to do a tute on how to make them.

Lizzie Wychwood said...

Wow, what an amazing post! I'm so glad you loved it all. The sock blockers were cut from plywood by Emma's DH, and then she did a fantastic job of painting/varnishing them. She also did a great set for Elladora decorated with really cute owls. I'm still looking for a replacement jewellery tool, will try the same shop next time I visit my MIL.

Hermione Bagnold said...

I know, Pren! I was blown away (though with my exhaustion, I'm sure I didn't show it as much as I felt! LOL) and am sooooooooo happy with my kit! And thank you, Lizzie, for looking for another jewelry tool! I still grumble whenever I think about that person at security...::mumbles curses under her breath, hoping they reach Gatwick::

setembrina said...

wow, that is some kit you received.
you have been spoiled indeed by Lizzie!!

naginata said...

Beautiful!!! :) What a lovely, lovely package! Nice job Lizzie!