Friday, February 27, 2009

What a fun assignment!

Spell Creation: Come up with an incantation for the following situations.

1- A fellow classmate never lets you speak in a conversation. What incantation do you mutter under your breath? What happens to your classmate when you say the incantation?

Tempero silencio- Their lips are stuck together until I have my say and utter the counter, relashia silencio

2- You’ve just entered a Muggle city in complete wizard clothing and a restroom cannot be found to change out of your outfit. What charm or spell do you say to change what you are wearing?

Vetemus changimus (the pronunciation of this spell is key, as it was created by a clever French witch, who did not have a lot of closet space and hated to wear the same clothes over and over)

3- You are riding a bicycle along on a country road and suddenly notice your tire is flat and needs air. What spell do you perform to give your tire air?

Aria filatia (But be sure to aim your wand just right, or the air won't make it into the tire!)

4- You are reading a valuable and one-of-a-kind book, and, quite unusually, you’ve left your quills and parchment in the dorm. You only have your wand for assistance. Create a spell for highlighting or remembering the important pieces of text without harming the book.

Textus Acendius - it literally takes a copy of the text that will seperate from the page that I can fold like a piece of parchment and put in my pocket or bag.

Muggle Studies: Write a small paragraph about the following objects. What are they used for? Do you have any personal experience with them?

Being Muggle-raised and having done well in Muggle Studies, I am very familiar with all of these objects! And as Muggles don't have wands and simple incantations to make it through day-to-day life, all of these things come in handy!

The first is what Muggles call an iron. It is used to press the wrinkles out of ones clothes by heating up the metal plate on the flat side and moving the iron, by the handle, across the fabric. Do not touch that plate while it is on, and don't touch it until after it has cooled down, or you may be sent off to Madame Pomfrey, or even Saint Mungo's, to treat the burn! I have used an iron many times, and once even forgot to take the sticker off of that metal plate (it was a brand new, never before used iron) before turning it on and ended up with a seriously sticky mess! (True story!)

The second Muggle contraption shown is called a lawn mower. There are blades on the underside of this object that, when you push it across a lawn, cut the grass. Be careful to not put any body parts near these blades, or you will very likely find yourself in St. Mungo's! There is an opening in the bottom section that allows the cut grass to be pulled up into the bag on the back of the mower so that the cut grass is not just laying everywhere in an untidy fashion. I have personally never used a lawn mower (also true!), but have seen a lawn mowed many times.

The next invention of the Muggle mind is called a can opener. This device is used by lining up the blades on the top of a can of food and turning the handle. The handle will then turn the blades so that they go all the way around the top of the can, and cut open the lid. I have my own can opener, and Muggles have improved the technology on can openers in recent years so that when the can is opened, there are no sharp edges on the can or the lid after the cutting is done!

Lastly, we have the baseball bat. This object is used in an American Muggle sport called baseball. There are two teams, consisting of nine players each that spread out all over the baseball diamond. (Note: This is not a real diamond, like a gem, but rather the term used for the feild baseball is played on. Sorry if I got the hopes of any witches up...) The idea of baseball is to use the bat to hit the ball that is pitched to you so that you can run around and touch each base to get back to where you started and earn a "run." A full, more in-depth explanation can be found here. I have many times played two-man baseball with my brother growing up in the backyard. Little did I know that when I said "ghost on first" to run back and bat again, he didn't see the actual ghost "dummies" that actually came to save my spot when I needed them to! Ahh, the pains of being the only witch in a Muggle family...

Magical Clubs and Associations: Use your creativity to tell us what the following clubs/associations are based on their acronyms. Is the club/association open to all? Members only? Requirements to belong? Have some creative and clever fun with this. Elaborate as you wish!

1- The HAGS association (or Herbologists Against Gutted Shrubbery) is an association that opposes the felling of forests and shrubbery. This committee is also active in the Muggle world in attempts to keep Muggles from happening across magical plants, though the main objective of the group is to conserve Magical Herbs in their natural habitat. Membership is open to all lovers of herbs, Magical and Muggle, who wish to preserve the planet.

2- The club of SQUEALers (or Sinister Quangs Unearthed from Every Aspect of Life-ers) is a group that is a safe place for witches and wizards to go if they suspect Dark Wizard activity in their workplace or home and fear for their safety. Their name "pays tribute" to a Dark Vietnemese wizard that supressed magic folk and Muggles alike when he sought to control a large section of southeast Asia.

3- The THE club (or Trendy and Hot Elitists) is an exlcusive club that caters to the hobbies and desires of those that are carefully hand-selected for membership. This can include interests from finding out why Muggles dress the way they do to discussing the latest hairstyles in the Wizarding world to coming up with new sports (less taxing than Quidditch, naturally) to play. There is no need to apply. If you are worthy to be in this club, they will contact you.

4- The association of FIRE and ICE (or Firing Incantations in Relaxed Environments and In Catastrophic Events) is a dueling club for of-age witches and wizards that wish to better their dueling skills, which come in handy when confronted by a Dark Wizard. To apply, contact the Ministry of Magic's Defense Department. The minimum age requirement is 17.


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