Saturday, January 24, 2009

To the Dungeons!

So the new term hasn't even officially yet begun, and I am already hard at work! I was tending to my Prefect duties of patrolling halls and assisting first years, when Snape came along and lashed out at me. I think he was bitter because I was helping first years that aren't in Ravenclaw! Or maybe he caught wind of Ravenclaws' conspiring against Slytherin, I don't know which. He didn't give me a detention or anything (how could he? He has no grounds to!), but he has sent me off to the dungeons to search out some potions ingredients...Sheesh! Where are the head girl and Prefects for his house, and why aren't they doing this?! But I'm a good little Prefect and a goody-two-shoes (most of the time), so I'll go do it anyway...::sigh::

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